Protect your new car and its resale value


Buying a new car is probably one of the biggest investments you are ever likely to make, so why not protect that investment and its future resale value with an extended Warranty and an exterior paintwork and interior protection system.

Oakleigh Cars Warranty

For complete peace of mind, each car that we supply is subject to an independent mechanical inspection by a qualified technician. Any potential faults or concerns are rectified prior to sale and this thorough inspection qualifies each of our cars for a comprehensive warranty provided by Momentum Secure – the most advanced warranty program in the UK.
Unlike most car dealerships who offer basic 3 month warranties, our award winning warranties offer extensive cover for 6 months as standard with the option to extend up to 3 years.
For our customers who would like that added bit of security, Oakleigh Cars can offer very competitive rates for extended Warranties for 12, 24 or 36 months.

Key-features of our Momentum Secure Warranties include:

• Award-winning comprehensive cover.
• Free recovery for the full duration of the warranty.
• Every car is complete with 6 months warranty as standard with the option to extend up to 3 years.
• Free Accident Assist for the full duration of the warranty.
• 24-hour assistance, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
• Our policies have no access contributions and no annual mileage restrictions.
• Exceptional claims support at every stage
• Access to our nationwide network of approved Momentum repairers.

GardX Vehicle Protection System

Oakleigh Cars are all about perfection. From the performance delivered by the engine to the grip of the tyres to the road, every element needs to be at its best. Likewise, the aesthetics of your new Oakleigh Car need to be at their very best, with the paintwork and exterior finish critical to the appeal of your vehicle.

At Oakleigh Cars, we will help preserve that look of perfection that is so integral to the enjoyment of your vehicle with GardX paint protection. Renowned for the high quality protection it affords paintwork, GardX’s selection of products is held in high regard by some of the world’s most acclaimed automotive companies – providing you with the peace of mind that only the very best protection is available.