Sell Your Car Service

Let Oakleigh Cars maximise your return

A simple way to sell your Car:

Think your car is worth more than what you have been offered to buy? Thinking of selling privately? Not sure?

Quite simply…We’ll get your car in front of more buyers…and get you the very best price. You wouldn’t dream of selling your house privately – so why sell your car privately?

Oakleigh Cars sell prestige, Sports & 4×4 ‘s every day. We’re experts when it comes to buying, but also when we are selling, on your behalf.

We’re here to help and guide you, with a range of solutions, including direct purchase, part exchange and our five star Sell your Car service.

Leave it to us:

Utilise our industry network of automotive buyers, contacts, national marketing reach and budget to get your car in front of more potential buyers. Letting Oakleigh Cars sell your car privately is the perfect balance between selling your car privately and selling to a dealer outright or as a part-exchange…and you don’t have to worry about strangers visiting your home or wasting your valuable time.

  • No advertising costs
  • No upfront fees
  • No time limits
  • 30+ Professional photographs
  • Marketed 7 days a week, 24 hours a day
  • Displayed on our website and many others
  • Advertised on leading websites including Autotrader, Pistonheads and CarGurus
  • Experience pricing analysts review
  • Settlement of outstanding finance

Quite simply…We’ll get your car in front of more buyers…and get you the very best price. We offer a range of benefits to the end user that a private seller simply cannot. These include:

  • Finance packages: Nearly 80% of used vehicles are now bought on finance. If you don’t offer finance, which you probably can’t you are missing out on the majority of the market straight away.
  • Part-Exchange: More than half of customers have a part-exchange. If you don’t take part-exchange, you are asking your buyer to sell their car before they buy yours and this will massively delay the process or even worse lose the customer all together.
  • Warranty: As vehicles lose their manufacturer’s warranty, customers often want an extended warranty for peace of mind. We offer the customer an extended warranty on all the cars we sell.
  • Peace of Mind: To most people buying a car is mainly built on trust and feeling comfortable before completing the deal, here at Oakleigh Cars we have worked hard to build a reputable brand over time and build up our 5 star reviews. You would find it hard to convince a customer to transfer £1000’s into a total strangers account with no real comeback or protection.

Call our friendly team today to discuss our Sell your Car Service on 01279 967 777.